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Learn more about Insperity Public API by navigating through following focused tutorials.


Insperity will issue a unique API key that allows secure transmittal of data to and from Insperity. The API key is a JSON Web Token (JWT) used by Insperity to perform authentication and authorization of the requests. The API key combined with whitelisting of source IP address makes the integration very secure with Insperity. All production data transferred to Insperity is treated as confidential.

Setup and Activation

Now that you have access, browse the API categories of interest to understand what is available. Use the Try It Now feature to build sample messages and test the structure. An integration specialist will create a secure connection for your company, provide a sandbox URL,, and issue an API key for testing.

All API keys issued for the client can be viewed in Connections. Only designated employees can view the issued API keys.


Use the previously mentioned URL/key combination in your API messages and test each to insure they are working correctly.

The payroll specialist will review message results with you and suggest any needed adjustments. Once both sides are confident in the results, a production key is issued and we will transition to processing live requests.